Repair Services
We offer full bicycle mechanic services, and an array of accessories to keep you rolling!

Here are some commonly requested services that we offer.  If you require a service outside of what is listed below, we will quote a price for individual services suited to your needs.  Assessments are always free.  Air for your tires is free, too!

Tune-Up Packages
Standard Tune-Up: $50
-Adjust brakes, derailleurs, hubs, bottom bracket, & headset; true wheels; lubricate chain; inflate tires to proper PSI; full safety check/component tightening; bike wipe down.
-Includes installation of (up to) two replacement components.

We strive to breathe fresh life in all bikes! Our standard tune up typically covers the bases to get that done.   Full overhauls also available: please contact us for details.

General Maintenance
Flat Fix
   -$9 + cost of tube
True Wheel:

Drive Train Clean & Lube: $10
Brake Adjustment
   -$10 for one
   -$15 for two
Derailleur Adjustment
   -$10 for one
   -$15 for two
Bottom Bracket Adjustment: $10

Hub: $22
Headset: $25
Bottom Bracket: $30

Spoke Replacement
   -Front: $20 (includes truing)
   -Rear: $25 (includes truing)
Install Cassette or Freewheel: $12
Chain Install: $8
Wrap Handlebars: $10
Accessories: $7