Still on Instagram!

Hello! We still mostly just use out Instagram for updates these days- just popping on here because we haven’t posted in quite some time!

Doesn’t feel like Fall yet but we technically are there! Once the temperatures in New Orleans finally give us a break, it’ll be glorious to get some nice longer, less head to toe sweat rides in! Come see us for any needs or just to chat!

Welcome 2018 and Fairdale Bikes!

Hope everyone had a wonderful start to the new year! 2018 is going to bring good things, we can feel it!

We are heading full steam into the new year proud to bring Fairdale Bikes into our shop!  Stop by and try these bad boys out!


"At Fairdale, our goal is to share what makes bicycle riding special with as many people as possible. We want to give new riders the keys to that certain “something” that has kept us riding our whole lives. We find it hard to define that magic “something” but we know it’s there. It’s a tangible sensation of joy we experience during the most lazy neighborhood cruise, and it’s a feeling that’s there during the most grueling mountain climb. This is our source of inspiration when we’re designing our bicycles. We believe that through purposeful design we can make bikes that are easier and more fun for you to ride – bikes that will help you experience the “magic” of riding. "

Heading Towards Fall!

Hello good people!

September has arrived and we're looking forward to sliding into the fall season- a time that brings even better riding weather!  The shop is consistently adding new values and products in our line up- come on by and check out some of the new things we offer each day, and as always, our unparalleled quality rental bikes and flexible rental terms!


One of the new brands we are proud to be representing in our shop is Reid Bikes!  High quality bikes and great prices! Lots of information about their models can be found at or stop on by and test ride their line up at our shop today!

For now, our shop hours (listed here) will continue as they have been since June- it seems to be working well for both staff and customers, so let's keep rolling with it! We will post updated hours as the fall season progresses, and if you feel our hours are limiting you from a visit to our shop, please reach out! We want to make access to our shop as convenient as possible. 

Thank you all for your continues support!

Summertime in New Orleans

Greetings!  We aren't frequent posters, with all the wrenching going on in the shop, usually gets put on the back burner... our hands would be too dirty to type well anyhow :)  Stop by and check out the new developments in the shop including all sorts of new bikes in stock available for sale ranging in price from $179.99 to $379.99.  Many styles, sizes; colors available to test ride!

It's summertime in New Orleans, so until it cools down a bit we are slightly changing our hours.
Tuesday-Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 10-5
Sunday: 12-5
Monday: By appointment

Thanks for your continued support!

One Year!

Thank you all for making our first year a blast!  It has been a wonderful experience meeting you all.  It's because of everyone who has come to the shop that we are able to do what we do!  Looking forward to growing strong and building with everyone who comes through our doors :)

Krewe du Vieux is upon us; we will be closing @3pm Saturday, 2/11/17. Enjoy the parade!